March 27, 2017

Dear Family,
The 2017 Reunion Committee, along with our President, recommends that we postpone the reunion until 2018.  Our goal was to take you to Las Vegas this year, however, our destination city was just a little more expensive than our family imagined.  Hence, we did not receive any response, in the form of payment, from our family members. 
Once we understood that Las Vegas was not our reunion site, we immediately began exploring other options and selected Charleston, South Carolina as the new site.  We appealed to the family to find out whether we would be able to secure twenty rooms. We heard from several family members in response to our appeal, but we were short of the necessary rooms.  The consensus seemed to be that the family preferred the Las Vegas option especially since Charleston was proving to be expensive as well.
The 2017 Reunion Committee is committed to hosting a reunion and will be exploring the best and most economical site for 2018 without compromising our impeccable standards.  We will inform you of our options, detailing the cost, within the next couple of months.  After the decision is made, we will begin working on the reunion immediately so that you will have a year to set aside funds and secure your transportation to the reunion.
Thanks to everyone who responded to our emails.  We are looking forward to providing you with an incredible family experience as we have had in the past.  We are incorporating several surprises that will hopefully become traditions for our family.  We can’t wait to see you at the 2018 reunion!
Warm Regards,
The 2017/2018 Reunion Committee
Angela Anderson, Chair
Anna Blanding
Baker Blanding (Rusty)
Delores Fambles
Peggy Franklin
Shawn Harris
Cynthia Williams
J’Nette Williams
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